July 2017 Athlete of the Month

//July 2017 Athlete of the Month

July 2017 Athlete of the Month

Check this awesome Q & A with our July Athlete of the Month Sam Probber!

1. When did you start CrossFit and why?
I think it was about 4 years ago when one of my oldest friends (former member Dan Amicucci) got me interested.  We were both in the typical former athlete post-college rut and I was drawn to the structure and group aspect of CFW.  Team training was an environment that I previously excelled in and it’s the closest thing to it that I’ve experienced.
2. What time of day you come in?
      I will forever view myself as a 7AM’er.  But, I’ve been working out at 6AM since February.
3. What is one movement you hate and one you love?
I don’t hate anything, but my least favorite right now is probably hand stand push-ups.  I love the sandbag clean and toss over the shoulder.  They are a lot of fun.
4. Any big goal(s) set for the next year?
Yea.  Breaking 300 pounds for my squat is at the top of the list.  I’ve been stuck on a 295 for a while.
5. Tell us one fun fact about you.
I’m the grandson of a very accomplished Mid-Century Modern furniture designer named Harvey Probber.  It’s pretty cool to see beautiful objects that he created with our name on them.
6. You were left on a deserted island. What one food and thing (i.e. book, music player, etc…) would you want to be left with?
Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza and a golf club (hopefully there’s a rock or something that I can use for a ball)
7. How has CrossFit helped you in sports? Life?
The only sport I play now is golf, and I’ve been smashing the ball since I started crossfit (although it’s not always in the correct direction).  As for life, it’s added structure and consistent physical activity, both of which are super important to my well-being.  The workouts are 99.9% likely to be the hardest thing I do all day, and that’s given me perspective on how I can approach each day productively and build toward longer term goals.  And Sandra’s macro coaching has me looking sexy af.

8. How have workouts changed for you over the years?

When I made a conscious effort to use proper technique and track my results, the visible progress increased exponentially.  I didn’t see it as much in the 1RMs because those tend to taper off after a point, but it’s undeniable that I’ve been able to move more weight faster and for longer periods of time.

Rate your skills: 1-10– 10 being your best.

Endurance – 7

Stamina – 1

Strength – 4

Flexibility – 2

Speed – 8

Agility – 6

Balance – 3

Accuracy – 9

Power – 5

Coordination – 10

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