April 2018 Athlete of the Month

//April 2018 Athlete of the Month

April 2018 Athlete of the Month

Check this awesome Q & A with our April 2018 Athlete of the Month Chris Coughlan!

1. When did you start CrossFit and why?

I started CrossFit 3 years ago. I changed my lifestyle and CrossFit became my outlet, and a focus for me.

2. What time of day do you normally come in?

I use to be 6am but with my new job I’m now at 5 or 6pm.

3. What is one movement you hate and one you love?

I love toes to bar and thrusters, I hate front squats, I have chicken legs.

4. Any big goal(s) set for the next year?

I want to string together muscle ups, become more efficient in some gymnastics movements.

5. Tell us one fun fact about you.

 I hold the record for most tacos eaten at El Poblano

6. You were left on a deserted island. What one food and thing (i.e. book, music player, etc…) would you want to be left with?

I need peanut butter filled pretzels to eat and my cigars.

7. How has CrossFit helped you in sports? Life?

It’s helped me look and break down huge tasks into smaller parts just like I tackle my workouts.  CrossFit has helped me get into great shape to take on any challenging workouts.

8. How have workouts changed for you over the years?

They have always been fun for me and as the gym has grown, it’s become competitive, and friendships have come from it.

Rate your skills: 1-10– 10 being your best.

Endurance – 9

Stamina – 9

Strength – 7

Flexibility – 7

Speed – 7

Agility – 8

Balance – 6

Accuracy – 7

Power – 8

Coordination – 7

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