October Athlete of the Month

//October Athlete of the Month

October Athlete of the Month

Check this awesome Q & A with our October Athlete of the Month David Tepper!

1. When did you start CrossFit and why?

I started Crossfit in January, 2015. I was about 40 pounds overweight, weak and had terrible eating habits.

2. What time of day you come in?

I usually come to the 5:00pm during the week, the 6:00 Olympic Lifting class on Thursdays, andSaturday mornings.

3. What is one movement you hate and one you love?

I hate thrusters. I love squats, benches, deadlifts, cleans and jerks.

4. Any big goal(s) set for the next year?

Do one unassisted pullup, squat 405, deadlift 500, fix lower back issues. I would also like to do a powerlifting meet.

5. Tell us one fun fact about you.

I am a Special Education teacher and I am originally from Long Island.

6. You were left on a deserted island. What one food and thing (i.e. book, music player, etc…) would you want to be left with?

I would bring eggs (refrigerated) because I love them and eat them every day. I would also want my iPod because I am a huge music fan.

7. How has CrossFit helped you in sports? Life?

Since I began at CFW, I changed my eating and training habits. I feel better than ever and I don’t want my workouts going to waste due to a poor diet. In addition, I also get to class early to do extra warmups and banded exercises for lagging muscle groups. I also attend mobility everySaturday morning.

When I started training again in 2015, I was so out of shape I couldn’t even finish the ONRAMP. I stuck with it and after about a year and a half, lost 40 pounds and have much better blood work.

I now have the conditioning to do yard work and home improvements without losing my breath and feeling like I’m going to pass out.

8. How have workouts changed for you over the years?

I have been lifting weights since my senior year of high school. I was bitten by the powerlifting bug in about 2006 and began training with my brother and a group of guys. In 2011, I tore my labrum, had surgery in 2012 on my left shoulder, and stopped training altogether.

I am also stronger now than I ever was while powerlifting, even being 40lbs lighter. I PR’d nearly every lift. I now squat 355, front squat 275, clean and jerk 175 and deadlift 455.

Rate your skills: 1-10– 10 being your best..

Endurance – 5

Stamina – 5

Strength – 9

Flexibility – 7

Speed – 7

Agility – 6

Balance – 6

Accuracy – 6

Power – 9

Coordination – 7

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