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New Class Additions on the CFW White Plains Schedule

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Hi All –

We are going through a trial run for adding an additional CrossFit Endurance class this coming Tuesday at 6pm.  Coach Steven will be testing the waters to see if adding this class will continue to increase the attendance.  We are set to run from 9/6 – 10/18, if the attendance stays at 3-4 athletes per class or more, we will continue as a normal staple on our schedule.  If the attendance is lower than that, it will unfortunately be removed.

In addition, we will be adding and Intro to Barbell class on a floating schedule weekly.  What that means is the class time will change each week so that we can hit all of your schedules.  This 15-30 minute class will work specifically on improving positions for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  This is not a workout, but rather a skill session that can be done in addition to a class WOD.  The first one is set for Monday 9/12 @ 5:30pm.  We hope you enjoy it.  The class schedule for this will be announced at the beginning of each week so you can plan ahead and sign up on Mindbody.  There will be an 8 person cap on these classes.

Have an amazing holiday weekend!

– Team Westchester