September Athlete of the Month

//September Athlete of the Month

September Athlete of the Month

Check this awesome Q & A with our September Athlete of the Month Jaclyn Esposito!

When did you start CrossFit and why?

My first experience with CrossFit was back in college. As a member of the swim team, CrossFit was incorporated into all of our dry land and pool workouts. Once my swimming career was over, I assumed my CrossFit career was as well. This past February, we had some serious medical issues in my family. I needed an escape and somewhere to clear my head. Around this time I saw that an old college friend had opened his own CrossFit box in PA and it piqued my interest. I knew how great of a workout Crossfit was and the camaraderie that goes along with finishing a grueling workout. I decided to give Chris a call in March and I couldn’t be happier with what has happened since. The hourlong escape from reality has turned into a love for working out that I never truly thought I’d have outside of competitive swimming.

What time of day you come in?

I’m all over the place when it comes to class times! I usually do 7pm during the week except for Monday nights when I come at 8pm. Also, I never miss an 8:30am Saturday morning with Mikey.

What is one movement you hate and one you love?

I don’t know if running counts as a movement, but I hate running. I love kettlebell swings and core work.

Any big goal(s) set for the next year?

I would love to get one handstand push-up and three strict pull-ups.

Tell us one fun fact about you.

I have to visit Hilton Head, South Carolina at least once every year. If I don’t go, I feel incomplete. It’s my favorite place in the world. Give me some sunshine, the beach and a strawberry daiquiri and I’m set!

You were left on a deserted island. What one food and thing (i.e. book, music player, etc…) would you want to be left with?

I’d want avocados because they’re delicious. I’d also want my iPod so I could listen to music and dance around the deserted island.

How has CrossFit helped you in sports? Life?

Since starting CrossFit, I feel so much healthier and it has forced me to re-evaluate my eating habits and alter those as well. I am also much more efficient with my time. CrossFit has become a priority in my life so it is important for me to fit it in around family and social obligations.

How have workouts changed for you over the years?

I feel like my workouts have come full circle. When I was younger, I did organized team sports and as I got older, I moved to machines at the gym. Machines did not work for me. I really need a team of people to write my workouts and encourage me to push myself harder. I feel like I’m back to my workout roots now that I have re-discovered CrossFit.

Rate your skills: 1-10– 10 being your best.

Endurance – 6

Stamina – 6

Strength – 6

Flexibility – 8

Speed – 5

Agility – 5

Balance – 8

Accuracy – 6

Power – 6

Coordination – 7

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