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Workout of the Day


5 sets:
A. Snatch (squat) – 1.1.1 (rest 5-7 seconds) rest 2 minutes @ 65-75%
Deadlifts 255/175
Box Jumps 30/24

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Taking it back to the original CF Sneakers


Today’s Link: http://breakingmuscle.com/olympic-weightlifting/should-a-weightlifter-watch-other-lifters

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Lining up for Battle


CrossFit Westchester Team Training
As with any new program we offer at CFW, there are bound to be issues during implementation which need to be ironed out in order to seamlessly integrate them as part of the norm.  The idea behind separate team training program was to bring together a group of like-minded individuals who had a common goal: increase their crossfit game enough to send a Team from CFW to the Northeast Regionals in 2015. The idea here was to create a group of leaders that would aid in building community at CFW through leading by example, and building a sense of pride amongst all CFW athletes (not just our top performers).  It appears that some of us have lost sight of that communal goal, leaving many feeling the competition team is separate from the general program.  A couple notes on this feedback:

1 – I opened up the team training whether in for all 5 days per week or simply 1-2 days per week to any current member who has a basic skill set and understanding of the CrossFit principles and would not require extensive coaching.  All the workouts are done either before or after normal class hours, as the classes are the framework of what we have built at CFW.  Please realize this is NOT a group of hand-selected elitists.  This is a group that has chosen to workout during non ideal hours in order to further improve themselves beyond a 60 minute class.

2- Some people have also mentioned, “can’t they get better at CrossFit by scaling up the class WODs?” – I am 100% confident that each an everyone of you can benefit from classic CrossFit programming – there is no doubt about that.  In terms of competing in CrossFit as a sport there is so much involved these days that a 60 minute class does not allow the appropriate amount of time to address all of these things which is why the separate program occurred in the first place.

At the end of the day the most important things associated with CrossFit are the health benefits, the fun and stress release its provides, and above all the community of friends that it brings together.  So I’d like to make it perfectly clear that absolutely anybody interested in pushing themselves to the next level, not necessarily those interested in competing are welcome to participate in any or all of the competition team workouts.  In conjunction with that, we will have team members working out with the classes 2-3 times per week in order to reestablish that connection between new and old friends.  I truly apologize for the misunderstanding or any negative feelings this may have caused.

Battle of the Boxes

Attention Athletes:
Battle of the Boxes is roughly 1 month away and we want everyone involved!
1) This is a great competition for athletes new and old.  Provided you can perform the following movement standards, if you have an interest, we want YOU competing:
- Deadlifts (225/135)
- Thrusters (95/65)
- Squat Cleans (working to a heavy single)

- Shoulder to overhead (135/85)
- Kipping pull-ups
- Double Unders
New Athletes: Battle of the Boxes is a great way to get that first competition under your belt.  The movement standards and weights are not incredibly heavy or technical, so we encourage you to consider using this as a means of gaining exposure to the competition circuit.
Veterans: As you know, Battle of the Boxes is always a blast -  We’d love to have you represent CFW!  That said, if you are already signed up for several of the other competitions requiring more experienced athletes occurring over the next 3 months, consider taking a breather and cheering on our newer athletes that don’t compete as much for the day.
2) Athletes not competing: Empire State Crossfit is one of our neighbors and friends in the Crossfit Community.  It is rare that we are able to go cheer on Team CFW and be home in time for dinner.  We encourage you to come and cheer everyone on!  For anyone who’s been to a Giants game at The Meadowlands, you know 1/2 the fun is in the tailgate!  The same holds true for Crossfit competitions – bring food, booze, tents, and beach chairs and get ready for a rockin’ good time.


Athletes interested we will be meeting at the gym Saturday August 9th at 1pm to discuss BOTB WODs and throwdown – EVERYONE IS WELCOME!


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With the Champ on Manhattan Beach


Today’s Link: http://breakingmuscle.com/crossfit/crossfit-games-2014-the-good-bad-and-ugly

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